FB Ads for e-commerce course

$69.00 $49.00

Watch the 2 hour video training on how to run Facebook ads for your e-commerce store.

This training is perfect for beginners and those who have ran some ads but would like to understand what they are doing and how to set ads up for conversion.

Inside this training we cover:

  • Facebook Advertising Essentials
  • Understand the structure of a Facebook Ad.
  • Appreciate how important Facebook is in advertising today.
  • Navigate your way around Ads Manager tools and features.
  • Understand the Facebook Pixel, what it is, what it does, why it’s Important.
  • Setup your Facebook Ads Pixel.


  • How to setup your own Facebook ads
  • Understand all Facebook Campaign Marketing Objectives.
  • Create website conversion ads.
  • Use various ad creatives from images, to carousels, and videos.
  • Create and utilize Custom and Lookalike Audiences.


  • How to analyse and tweak your ads
  • Create customised reporting for better analysis.
  • Perform your own split tests.
  • Learn easy scaling methods for beginners.


This is a recording of a training I ran live in October 2018.